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Pin hole leaks in copper piping (Cobb County GA)

Contrary to popular belief, copper water piping does not last forever.
Copper exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion, but only lasts about 25 years. Copper is vulnerable to pitting corrosion which can eventually lead to pinholeleaks. A pinhole leak is a puncture due to the progressive pitting corrosion process. The major causes of pinhole leaks in Cobb County are caused be electrolysis and improper electrical grounding/bonding of your home’s electrical system to existing copper in your home. In addition, excessive water pressure speeds up the process.

Electrolysis: This can also cause pinhole leaks. This process occurs when you have a mixture of dissimilar metals in your plumbing such as the combination of galvanized iron and copper. Even when a system is comprised of all copper piping, electrolysis can be caused by just one galvanized nipple or connection.An electrical ground wire in contact with a galvanized connection on your hot water heater is also enough to cause electrolysis. The second variable associated with hot water pinhole leaks occurring after the hot water heater concerns the “sacrificial anode” located inside the hot water heater. The “anode” provides what is commonly called cathodic protection. Because the metal anode is more reactive to the corrosive environment than the system as a whole, it dissolves more easily than the internal copper piping and/or water heater. As corrosion is concentrated on the anode first, it provides protection to the metal of the system (copper pipe) it is connected to. If this anode is allowed to corrode or dissolve totally, the corrosive tendencies of the water turn to the next available metal of your copper piping.

Water Quality:I hear plumbers and clients both saying it’s most likely water quality.I can tell you with 100% certainty in Cobb County you can’t blame the water quality to the cause of pinholes! Cobb Countyprepares an annual water report and does an excellent job educating consumers on the high-quality water that Cobb County residents enjoy. See link below.

Cobb County 2019 Annual Water Report

CorrosiveWater: In other areas outside of Cobb County, corrosive water can cause pinhole leaks in your copper piping. Corrosive water slowly eats away the copper at its weakest point until a pinhole develops. Cobb county water in my opinion is the best in the state.

Discolored Green Fittings: Have you ever noticed green stains near and around your home’s copper fittings?Did you touch them and see if they were slimy? If so, this occurs when the original installer didn’t wipe off the excessive flux after soldering. This can be easilycleaned by scrubbing fittings with a rag soaked in warm water and TSP solution which is available at most home centers.

Summary:For consumers who have experienced pinhole leaks in their home’s interior copper water pipes, the best course of action is to contact Marine Plumbing Service. Would you call a foot doctor to work on your heart? Not all plumbers specialize in all aspects of plumbing. Choosing and hiring the proper contractor not just the lowest bidder in town will save you lots of time, avoid unnecessary aggravation and in the end save you money.

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